Hire Anyone in 60 Days

60-Day Retained Search

Our 60-Day Retained Search is easy, fast, proven and saves you money.

  • Costs only $7,500 regardless of salary vs. $25,000 (dependent upon salary) if you used a typical contingency search
  • No fee upon hire
  • No contract to sign
  • Jobs are filled in two months or less

If you really need to hire, it's time to fill your job and stop overpaying.

Our Activities

    • Recommend a salary based upon job title and industry metrics
    • Author a job description and accompanying job video
    • Advertise your job on multiple website
    • Target 200 to 1,500 passive job seekers
    • Drive awareness and interest via emails, texts and calls
    • Speak with and screen candidates
    • Author written summaries of qualified candidates
    • Schedule video, telephone and in-person interviews
    • Provide a real-time list of all contacted candidates
    • Help negotiate an offer that will be accepted


How much does it cost?

For $7,500 we can help fill any job with with annual salary. Fast. Simple. Effective.

Is there a fee upon hiring?

No. There is no fee upon hiring.

What does it take to get started?

We only request a job description and a brief telephone call to discuss your ideal candidate—in terms of skills, experience, education and compensation expectations. Then we develop the search criteria and begin the outreach process.

What should I expect?

During the first week, we will share your job description with qualified professionals we target. During the second week, we will speak with interested candidates and begin forwarding career summaries and resumes for your consideration. We will work with you to arrange telephone, video and in-person interviews. At week four, we will conduct a second hyper-targeted search based upon marketplace and candidate feedback— repeating the outreach and discussion process.

How am I informed of your progress?

Our clients receive a secure, real-time link to their dashboard displaying a list of those who were contacted, their current status and a link to their profile. We welcome discussions to refine the job description, compensation and candidate requirements.

How do we get underway?

Please contact us at (203) 968-2773 or phil@reevejobs.com to get started.

For information and questions, please call us at (203) 968-2773, or email us at phil@reevejobs.com.