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Market Research Jobs: Nationwide Compensation and Salary Data New

As the nation's leading recruiter and staffing agency exclusively serving the market research industry, below are 2023 compensation statistics. We are dedicated to providing transparency to hiring managers and research professionals, so we provide these detailed statistics as a service to the industry.

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Nationwide Market Research Salary and Compensation by Job Title and Role

    Job Title
    Associate Project Director
    Project Director
    Senior Project Director
    Research Analyst
    Senior Research Analyst
    Research Manager/Sr Resarch Manager
    Research Director
    Account Executive/Manager
    Senior Account Executive/Manager
    Brand Manager
    Assistant Vice President
    Vice President
    Senior Vice President
    President/General Manager
    Job Title
    Insights Analyst
    Senior Insights Analyst
    Insights Manager
    Senior Insights Manager
    Insights Director
    Senior Insights Director
    Brand Manager
    Vice President
    Senior Vice President


The above data represent the national average compensation across all years of experience and geographies. However, you can adjust the compensation data above using the following two indices:

  • Years of Experience

    Years of Experience Adjustment

  • Geography

    Geographic Adjustment


For example, if you work for a Supplier as a Senior Project Director, you can adjust the nationwide salary of $91,083 to reflect your personal circumstance. Assuming you have 3 years of experience working in the Midwest, the following two adjustments can be made to the national data to determine the competitive compensation level:

  • 3 Years of Experience: Multiply $91,083 by 0.92
  • Midwest Geographic Location: Multiply $91,083 by 0.98

By simple calculation, your adjusted, competitive salary is: $91,083 * 0.92 * 0.98 = $82,120.

It's All About the Economy

Based upon the 2023 compensation data from more than 1,200 MR professionals, researchers and employers should adjust their expectations accordingly.

  • With a declining unemployment rate, most qualified researchers are already employed -- and must be wooed from their current job.
  • Unlike last year, candidates are expecting a 4% raise to help offset the impact of inflation.

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