Changing jobs: pearls of wisdom

Advice for Professionals Seeking a New Job

Searching for a new job can be a challenging or intimidating process for some candidates as it represents one of the five major life changing events. However, working with a skilled and experienced recruiter, the process can be smooth and enjoyable. Based upon our experience as a successful recruiting firm, we offer the advice below. Please take a minute to review it; we promise the information will be helpful and relevant to your job search.

Research the Company

The internet is a wonderful tool for retrieving information about a company. You just have to know where to look. Remember, a lot of companies have web sites with detailed information such as ours and the best place to find them is by using the leading search engines: Yahoo! or Google.

You can also get directions to your interview location and a map online with such services as Google Maps. Remember, if you know where you are going - you can be there on time.

Dress Appropriately

A neat clean appearance is always best. Dress according to the environment you will be working in. You may want to ask prior to your interview if the company has a dress code policy. For example; if it is a formal environment - wear a clean suit, one that fits!

Anticipate Interview Questions

The first thing to keep in mind with all interview questions is that they are designed to find out more about you. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer and speed doesn't mean you win the job.

Being nervous on an interview is normal. You may have already thought about answers you want to give and things you want to tell the potential employer. Keep in mind that the first thing you should do is LISTEN, wait and absorb the question, then answer them. Also, the point of an interview is for you to learn more about the company, so you should prepare questions you want answered by the employer.

A first interview is usually about one hour, so be careful not to tell lengthy stories. Get to the point! It is also very important for you not talk in generalities but to cite specific examples of where your worked and tasks you did.

Questions related to why you left a job should be short and sweet. Focus on the positives of your last job and reveal how they have lead you to your next job.

Salary questions are simple - be honest about what you are making now.If an employer wants to know what you are looking to make - feel free to defer that question to your executive recruiter. That is why we are here. We negotiate for you. If you have questions regarding compensation and benefits, your recruiter at Reeve & Associates, will get the answers for you!

Keep in Contact with Your Recruiter

After the interview contact your Reeve & Associates recruiter immediately. Your recruiter may ask you several more questions to find out how the interview went and to determine your level of interest. This is the perfect opportunity to tell the recruiter about the questions you still need answered or you forgot to ask. The sooner the recruiter at Reeve & Associates hears from you, the sooner he/she can get the client's feedback and to determine the potential next steps.

Prepare Your References

Reeve & Associates requests a list of references to help determine your previous work history. It is up to you to provide us and your future employers with references, so know your references and make sure that it is ok with them to be used.