Contingency search

Contingency Search

Although antiquated, contingency searches are historically the most popular method of staffing.

A contingency search involves an agreement between the hiring company and the recruiting agency. Once in place, the recruiting agency uses its efforts on an "as available" basis to locate qualified individuals for the position.

Unlike the retained search, the recruiter is only paid when a placement occurs. To staff contingency positions, Reeve & Associates:

  • Authors a job description based upon a conversation with the hiring manager.
  • Posts the job in high profile locations to reach the desired professionals.
  • Reviews and screens received resumes.
  • Develops and executes searches of resume databases.
  • Accesses its network of 250,000+ professionals and 50,000+ digital marketing professionals to further locate qualified candidates.
  • Calls potential candidates to explain the opportunity and to gauge interest levels.
  • Forwards resumes to the hiring manager complete with notes.
  • Discusses the candidates with the hiring manager.
  • Coordinates and schedules interviews between the candidates and the appropriate people within the hiring organization -- from the first to the last round
  • Addresses any concerns from the candidate and hiring manager.
  • Acts as the conduit and guides negotiations.
  • Works to acquire acceptance from the candidate.
  • "Closes the deal" and secures a starting date.

Over the years, Reeve & Associates has placed hundreds of qualified professionals. Our objective is to find the perfect match enabling individuals and organizations to grow.

And our track record demonstrates our ability to meet your demands.

Contact us to share your requirements, and we will locate the perfect professional for your needs.