A new low-cost approach to hiring: Budget Staffing
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Budget Staffing: A New Low-Cost Approach to Hiring

We understand that staffing fees can be an impediment to hiring good people.

That's exactly why we developed Budget Staffing enabling you to engage us for low monthly rate rather than a percentage of the first year's salary. Our services are provided on a month-to-month basis. You can choose to continue with us until you find your ideal candidate, or you can elect to fill the job yourself using the candidates we provide throughout the process. And when you hire, there are no additional fees.

Our services include and fees cover:

  1. Identifying a competitive title and salary based upon your stated responsibilities
  2. Authoring a job description (or using any you provide)
  3. Posting the job on our website
  4. Developing search criteria to find those who have the necessary experience and skills
  5. Contacting those who can perform the job via email, text and telephone (typically we'll contact more than 200 qualified professionals for any given job)
  6. Speaking with and screening candidates to understand their abilities, career objectives and desire to explore your job
  7. Providing written summaries and resumes of interested, qualified candidates
  8. Arranging video, telephone and in-person interviews
  9. Providing you with candidate feedback
  10. Helping you select, vet and extend an offer that will be accepted

Viewed another way, Budget Staffing enables you to hire us for two months and effectively pay a fee of 9.5%. This is possible as we typically staff any job with a competitive title and salary within two months. Given we charge $4,750 per month for jobs with annual salaries between $51,000 to $100,000, you'll spend a total of $9,500 to fill a job paying $100,000. That is an effective rate of 9.5% and will save you $15,500 if using a recruiter charging the industry standard 25% of a hire's first year salary.

About Budget Staffing

The table below shows the effective recruiting fee based upon the salary of the position and the number of months required to fill the job. Clearly, the sooner a position is filled the lower the effective recruiting rate. And typically lower salaried positions are filled faster given a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Annual Salary of Position
Months to Hire
Effective Recruiting Rate

If at any time you elect to continue the search on your own, you are free to contact and interview anyone on the extensive lists we provide to you during the process. What's nice about this approach is that you don't pay a hiring fee; there is no other fee beyond the nominal monthly amount.

Budget Staffing provides a way to substantially reduce your overall recruiting expense while still interviewing and hiring the same exceptional candidates available via the standard contingency staffing approach. If you're still unsure, then please review our Budget Staffing case studies.

Please contact us to explore Budget Staffing for your open positions.