Our hiring solutions help organizations find great leaders

Solutions to Quickly and Affordably Hire the Best Executive Talent

  • Finding experienced executive talent to fill your CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, other CXO or EVP positions is always a challenge. Many professionals have great resumes and experience, but finding one that meets the specific needs of any organization is always a challenge.

    Our hiring solutions have a successful track record of locating the right candidates -- helping to hire them away from great organizations. Here is why we're unique and successful:

    Focus upon Employed Executives

    Great Executives are always busy and rarely, if ever, respond to ads. So, we define the desired characteristics and companies where they are currently employed and then put our AI tools to work -- gathering detailed information so the best potential candidates for the job can be identified.

    Contact Using Multiple Channels

    Our hiring solutions then patiently reach out to the most qualified executives -- strategically using email, TXT, telephone and video job descriptions to generate awareness of your company and career opportunity.

    Gauge True Interest

    Our hiring solutions help gauge the true interest of targeted executives in your opportunity -- understanding personal motivations, the appetite for change, compensation requirements, and the strength of fit. The best candidates will be presented to you with a priority communication allowing you to gauge your interest in the executive and to start the assessment process.

    Provide Process Guidance

    As the process progresses from an introductory telephone discussion to in-person interviews and ultimately an accepted offer, we are available to help obtain feedback from the executive and provide support to help "close the deal."

    Please contact us to discuss how you can hire the best candidates in two months or less while saving tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Executive Case Study: General Manager

    A globally known organization was looking for a General Manager to lead a $100MM business unit. Unsatisfied with the time and expense of hiring a traditional staffing agency, they turned to Reeve & Associates' Budget Staffing solution to help fill the position.

    Beyond having successfully grown a global business, the ideal candidate would be responsible for defining and meeting strategic, financial, customer satisfaction and organizational goals worldwide. Furthermore, they would also be responsible for cultivating a multi-functional center of excellence, propelling the reputation of the organization on the global stage.

    During the first month, Reeve & Associates identified and contacted more than 900 qualified, employed candidates -- speaking with hundreds. Subsequently, seven outstanding candidates were forwarded to the hiring manager, resulting in six video interviews and two in-person interviews. Despite making a difficult choice among two exceptional candidates, an offer was extended on day 41 -- which was accepted.

    Based upon a salary of $325,000, the hiring organization paid only $13,500 to fill their General Manager position using Budget Staffing, saving $67,750 over a conventional 25% contingency fee.

    "We could not be happier with the choice of candidates presented by Reeve & Associates' Budget Staffing solution. We hired a world-class General Manager in a fraction of the typical time while saving nearly $70,000. This revolutionary approach to hiring has changed how we now staff all of our open positions."