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Reeve & Associates Services: Staffing Marketing Research Jobs with Quality Candidates

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Vice President in PA - Philadelphia (Remote) earning 150-165K +
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Senior Reporter in NY - New York earning 65-85
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Senior/Consumer Insights Manager in MA - Boston earning 110-155K +
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Senior Research Director in NJ - Pennington (Remote) earning 100-130K +
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Below are the services we provide as a professional recruiter to employers seeking qualified professionals and candidates seeking market research or digital media jobs.

For hiring managers, Human Resource professionals, and those seeking to hire, Reeve & Associates provides retained searches and contingency searches.

Professional Recruiting Services for Employers

  • Targeted sourcing of your competitors
  • Targeted emailing to our existing candidates
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate presentation via e-mail
  • Confidential advertising

The bottom line: we want to find you an outstanding candidate and employee.

If you currently have a search you would like conducted, you can submit your job order 24 hours a day and eliminate time spent on the phone.


Job Services for Candidates

Our goal is to help you find the career opportunities you are looking for and to advise you on the best way for you to reach your career goals. We provide:
  • Resume evaluation
  • Current job listings on our web site
  • Individual job postings emailed to you based on your preferences
  • Resume presentation to our clients with actionable feedback
  • Interview scheduling and feedback
  • Salary negotiation
  • Acceptance consultation
  • Post-acceptance follow-up
The bottom line: we want to find you a good position.

If you are currently searching for a position, you can submit your resume. We will review your submission and contact you to discuss any jobs that may be of interest to you.