2024 hiring challenges and opportunities facing employers and candidates

2024 Hiring Presentation at Quirks, Dallas

In the event you were unable to attend the Quirks conference in Dallas during the last week of February, 2024, we had the honor to present the hiring challenges and opportunities currently facing employers and candidates.

Reeve & Associates presents at Quirks, Dallas

Below is the outline of the discussion with the .pdf providing the answers.

  • Top 5 reasons the hiring process is broken for Employers
  • Top 5 reasons the hiring process is broken for Candidates
  • Top 5 reasons the hiring process itself fails
  • How to quantify the costs of delayed hiring
  • What changes are required to drive hiring today
  • Key benchmarks that your hiring process must meet to be successful
  • 2023 compensation metrics for research suppliers and corporate departments
  • How to close the hiring gap between expectations and reality
  • Top 3 takeaways for Employers
  • Top 3 takeaways for Candidates
Reeve & Associates Quirks, Dallas Presentation

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