Bullseye: On Target Candidate Sourcing

Bullseye Candidate Sourcing

Issue: Job postings only deliver applicants who are looking for a job - even if they aren't a good fit (and most aren't).

Opportunity: 80% of employed professionals are open to a career change but aren't currently looking.

Solution: Our Bullseye Candidate Sourcing Service uniquely targets working professionals who already have the skills and experience to fill your job.

For just $995*, our Bullseye Service (less than the cost of promoting your job for a month on LinkedIn, Indeed or ZipRecruiter) identifies, targets and contacts qualified passive candidates. We inform them of your job and get them to engage - all within 30 days.

  1. We post your job on LinkedIn and relevant websites
  2. We target candidates based on your job description, location requirements, experience needs, and even tenure at competitive companies
  3. We email and text them your job in multiple formats
  4. All responses are directed to you for immediate action
  5. You get a live link to a list of everyone we target with the contact information we find, including:
    • LinkedIn Profile link
    • EMail Addresses (work and personal)
    • Telephone Numbers (mobile, direct and HQ)

*Introductory pricing

Bullseye Delivers The Best Candidates

Bullseye Delivers The Best Candidates

Targeting passive, employed professionals with the necessary skills and experience via Bullseye delivers the candidates you want and need to hire - saving you precious time and money.

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