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Issue: Job postings only deliver applicants who are looking for a job - even if they aren't a good fit (and most aren't).

Opportunity: 80% of employed professionals are open to a career change but aren't currently looking.

Solution: Our Bullseye Candidate Sourcing Service uniquely targets working professionals who have the skills and experience to fill your job.

For just $995*, our Bullseye Service (less than the cost of promoting your job for a month on LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter) identifies, targets and contacts qualified passive candidates. We inform them of your job and get them to engage - all within 30 days.

  • We target candidates based on your job description, location requirements, experience needs, and even tenure at competitive companies
  • We email and text them your job in multiple formats
  • All responses are directed to you
  • You get a live link to a list of everyone we target with the contact information we find, including:
    • LinkedIn Profile link
    • EMail Addresses (work and personal)
    • Telephone Numbers (mobile, direct and HQ)
  • *Limited time offer: regular price $1,995

Targeting passive, employed professionals with the necessary skills and experience delivers the candidates you want and need to hire.

Candidates sourced from Bullseye are much more on-the-mark than those received from job postings - saving you precious time and money.

Bullseye Delivers The Best Candidates

Bullseye Delivers The Best Candidates

Please contact us to explore our Bullseye Service for your open positions.