Our hiring solutions help organizations find great sales professionals

Solutions to Quickly and Affordably Hire the Best Sales Talent

  • True sales professionals love the hunt but live for the kill -- the closing of the deal. If you mention the movies: Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler Room or Jerry Maguire and you don't get a smile or enthusiastic response, odds are you're not speaking to a true sales professional. A productive sales professional will regularly exceed quotas, know virtually everyone in the industry, and spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone -- or very little time in the office.

    Our hiring solutions can target a wide array of sales titles, including but not limited to:

    • Vice President of Sales
    • Sales Manager
    • Director of Business Development
    • Senior Account Executive
    • Account Executive (outside)
    • Account Manager (inside)

    Focus upon Employed Sales Professionals

    Sales professionals rarely have the time to respond to job ads. So, we define the desired characteristics and target companies putting our AI tools to work -- gathering detailed information so the best potential candidates for the job can be identified.

    Contact Using Multiple Channels

    Our hiring solutions then patiently reach out to the most qualified sales professionals -- strategically using email, TXT, telephone and video job descriptions to generate awareness of your company and career opportunity.

    Gauge True Interest

    Our hiring solutions help gauge the true interest of targeted sales professionals -- understanding personal motivations, the appetite for change, past quotas and sales performance and compensation requirements. The best candidates will be presented to you with a priority communication allowing you to assess your interest in the professional and to commence the assessment process.

    Provide Process Guidance

    As the process progresses from an introductory telephone discussion to in-person interviews and ultimately an accepted offer, we are available to help obtain feedback from sales professionals and provide support to help "close the deal."

    Please contact us to discuss how you can hire the best candidates in two months or less while saving tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Sales Case Study: Account Executives

    Web Media Group LLC, which publishes comprehensive online and offline relocation guides for those moving to Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Phoenix and Tucson, was searching for experienced Advertising Sales and Account Executives to help fuel its expansion.

    Given the competitive market for these professionals and the reluctance of gainfully employed candidates to speak directly with hiring companies, the Web Media Group decided to forego their traditional internal recruiting efforts and contacted Reeve & Associates.

    Kevin Evans, the President of the Web Media Group, selected Budget Staffing given the attractive monthly rates and ability to "turn on and off" the service as needed -- helping to manage expenses and lower the financial risk typically associated with staffing.

    "Importantly, Budget Staffing reaches a broader audience of candidates who are more comfortable talking with a staffing professional,” said Mr. Evans.

    During the first week, Reeve & Associates contacted 111 experienced advertising sales professionals in the greater Austin area. During the next week, five telephone and five in-person interviews were conducted. During the fifth week of the search, two offers were extended -- and both were accepted.

    "Phil is highly focused and manages the staffing process exceptionally well. He provides clear and direct communications enabling us to make effective hiring decisions. And Budget Staffing saved us money, helped us hire qualified professionals we would otherwise not have contacted, and was a positive experience. We'll definitely use it again," said Mr. Evans.

    During the year, the Web Media Group hired five Advertising Sales and Account Executives using Budget Staffing. In total, the service slashed hiring cost by more than half saving the Web Media Group more than $33,000.