Budget Recruiting: saving you time and money

Budget Recruiting Case Study: 360 Market Reach 360 Market Reach

Director of Research

360 Market Reach, a medium-sized and rapidly growing market supplier, was seeking to hire an experienced Director of Research. Rather than conducting the search in-house, spending countless hours on LinkedIn, posting ads or engaging a typical contingency recruiter, they turned to Reeve & Associates.

Pat DePietto, the company’s President and Co-Founder, was confident she could accomplish two objectives by leveraging Phil’s industry knowledge and staffing experience—make a quality hire while enabling her to focus upon operating and growing 360 Market Reach.

"I highly recommend Reeve & Associates and their Budget Recruiting service—which is great for small, medium and large firms alike."

— Pat DePietto
   President & Co-Founder
   360 Market Reach

Ms. DePietto selected Reeve & Associate’s innovative Budget Recruiting service to help lower the overall hiring cost knowing the service would quickly deliver highly qualified candidates.

Within one week, Reeve & Associates contacted 54 currently employed professionals. During the next two weeks, ten telephone and two in-person interviews were conducted. During the seventh week of the search, an offer was extended and accepted.

“Throughout the process, Phil provided an invaluable perspective—helping us refine our objectives and understand the unique strengths of each candidate. He also moved very quickly, which was a delight,” said Ms. DePietto.

Within two months, the position was filled resulting in a $9,500 staffing fee compared to a $22,000 fee under a typical 20% contingency model. “I was delighted to pay an effective staffing rate of 9% and save my company $12,500 in the process,” said Ms. DePietto.

The Budget Recruiting engagement was so successful, Reeve & Associates began working to staff two additional market research positions and a Director of Marketing for 360 Market Reach.

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