Saving time and money

A Budget Recruiting Case Study: Multiple Hires

A leading market research supplier sought to fill a Senior Project Director position on an accelerated timetable. While the firm typically did not engage recruiters, they reached out to Reeve & Associates based upon their industry reputation and past positive experiences.

While discussing the position, Phil Reeve shared the cost, speed and flexibility benefits associated with a new service named Budget Recruiting.

Given the Budget Recruiting process is identical to a Contingency engagement and it quickly delivers quality candidates at a fraction of the typical fee, the supplier trusted Phil and signed on.

"We couldn’t be happier, and
we definitely plan to use
Budget Recruiting in the future."

— Director of Human Resources

Within four business days, Reeve & Associates targeted and contacted 116 highly qualified professionals. During the next two weeks, four candidates were presented, interviews were conducted and an extended offer was accepted.

Despite expecting a two-month process, an offer was accepted in just one month resulting in a $3,750 staffing fee compared to $18,400 under a typical 20% contingency model.  "I was initially concerned the process might be elongated, but Reeve & Associates delivered even faster than they promised," said the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Budget Recruiting engagement was so successful the supplier even hired a second, more senior research professional—paying a fee of only $4,750 compared to $24,000 under a contingency-based approach for a $120,000 position.

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