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A Budget Recruiting Case Study: Single Hire

After months of searching without success, a medium-sized research supplier was eager to find a qualified Research Manager. Rather than accept the delays often associated with a traditional contingency search, the supplier engaged our Budget Recruiting approach, paying $3,750.

Actual Budget Recruiting Example Statistics

Upon commencing the search, we authored the job description and distributed it to our database of qualified research professionals and posted it on several trusted sites. We also conducted multiple searches looking for passive (currently employed) candidates.

During the first two weeks we identified 295 qualified candidates, of which we presented ten to the client. During the third week, those ten candidates resulted in five phone interviews and one video interview. Those six interviews resulted in two in-person interviews. And an offer was issued in less than 30 days.

Given an initial salary range of $65,000 to $75,000, our client was able to increase the offer to $85,000 without paying a larger recruiting fee. This ultimately resulted in a 4.4% recruiting fee compared to the standard 25%.

While exceptionally success, this result is atypical as most placements require two months of recruiting. But, this client was motivated to hire and they adjusted their schedule accordingly. And they saved a boatload of time and money.


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