Market research hiring advice: filling market research jobs

Market Research Recruiting Hiring Advice: Filling Market Research Jobs

We wanted to share our market research recruiting advice that we hope you will find valuable.

Creative Recruitment Ideas Introducing Budget Recruiting

March 19, 2021


Let's talk about creative recruitment ideas. We at Reeve & Associates have come up with a way for clients to get the full recruitment experience without paying the large contingency fee at the end fo the hiring process.

Creative Recruitment Ideas - Introducing Budget Recruiting

What is Budget Recruiting?

It's a month-to-month service rather than a contingency-based service. We provide our same service for as long as you need it. NO fee at the end when you hire the right candidate. For jobs under $100k you pay $3,750 per month. For jobs $100K-$150K you pay $4,750 per month.

How Budget Recruiting Works

Instead of the contingency fee normally paid when a candidate is hired, with creative recruiting ideas like our 'Budget Recruiting' you pay a small fee monthly with no contract. You'll get the same great service just at a monthly price with no big fee once we find and you hire the right candidate.

How Does This Benefit You?

Budget Recruiting saves you money on average because 90% of our jobs are filled within 2 months. For this reason, we urge our clients to budget for at least a two months. 90% of the jobs we recruit are filled within 2 months. Using a just under $100K salary example, on contingency you'll pay $25,000. If filled in 2 months on our Budget Recruiting plan you'll pay only $7,500. That is 7.5%!

Give us a call and let's talk about Budget Recruiting: 203.968-2773. Relax and let us do the heavily lifting.