Market research jobs: War stories

Market Research Jobs: Recruiting War Stories

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We wanted to share some of the day-to-day stories about staffing and recruiting that you will find interesting. As the saying goes, "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" and based upon the current market dynamics among companies and candidates, this certainly appears to be true.

However, it might be best to read some of the entries below and then come to your own conclusion.

Interview Regarding the State of MR Hiring and Staffing


Phil Reeve is interviewed by Bob Lederer of RFL Communications to discuss the current state of staffing and hiring in the market research industry. Phil shares his insights and suggestions for hiring companies and researchers searching for career opportunities.

Phil Reeve Interview with Bob Lederer

Recruiting by the Numbers


If you're wondering what it really takes to staff open positions, review the graphic below. With decades of experience it's not easy work, but it is rewarding when a qualified candidate finds a great company and job.

Recruiting Statistics

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