The right recruiting method for your needs: staffing market research jobs

Market Research Recruiting Services: Staffing market research jobs

As a leading nationwide recruiting firm, we offer three distinct ways to help clients -- each based upon your needs.

This is the traditional recruiting model whereby the hiring company pays a percentage of a candidate's guaranteed first year compensation when a candidate located by the recruiter is hired. Our fee is 25% of the candidate's annual salary which includes a 90-day replacement guarantee. The rate is reduced to 20% if we are engaged to work on multiple jobs simultaneously.

Adhering to the same recruiting process and activities as the contingency model, we enable you to reduce your overall hiring expense by paying $3,750 monthly per salaried jobs up to $50,000 per year or $4,750 for salaried jobs over $50,000 and up to $100,000 for our recruiting servicess -- for as long as you need us. As we work monthly for you, we'll provide detailed month-end candidate reports for your review. By definition, this approach does not include a replacement guarantee.

Given we typically fill jobs in two months, your total recruiting fee for a $100,000 job will likely be $9,500 -- resulting in a recruiting fee of 9.5% vs a 25% contingency fee. This approach provides you with the same exceptional services and candidates but provides an incentive for hiring companies to streamline the hiring process, make faster hiring decisions, and onboard quality candidates.

Please contact us to explore the Budget approach for salaried jobs over $100,000.