Staffing market research jobs with skilled contractors

Staffing Market Research Jobs with Skilled Contractors

If you are feeling the pressure to deliver without the available staffing headcount, perhaps it might be helpful to engage a qualified market research and digital marketing professionals to "fill the gap."

Reeve & Associates has multiple contractors available for short and long term assignments. Our qualified professionals:

  1. Are quickly available to begin work -- avoiding the traditional lengthy hiring process.

  2. Possess the specific skills and experiences needed for the projects at hand.

  3. Eliminate budget risk as their services can be broadened or constrained based upon fluid situations and available resources.

  4. Integrate well with your team -- working on site or remotely.

  5. Keep your clients happy by delivering quality work by top notch MR professionals.

  6. Keep your employees happy by not overloading them with work.

In today's economic times, a contractor may be the perfect solution to meeting your needs without the challenges of hiring a full-time employee.

And don't forget there are significant economic benefits to hiring contractors, including the avoidance of additional:

  • Medical Benefits

  • 401K Contributions

  • Workman's Compensation Premiums

  • Office Space and Related Supplies

Please review our other staffing services including: retained searches, contingency searches, and candidate sourcing.

Contact us to share your requirements, and we will locate the perfect professional for your short or long term needs.