Candidate sourcing: Filling market research jobs

Providing the Highest Quality Candidate Sourcing Service: Filling Market Research Jobs

In an effort to assist Human Resource professionals and hiring managers in these challenging times, we have developed a unique service that is ideal for those who wish to actively engage prospective employees while avoiding hours and hours of sifting through hundreds of off-target candidates.

A substantial component of the staffing process involves locating qualified candidates, Reeve & Associates has leveraged our expertise to provide a new Sourcing Service.

By using the same processes and expertise we use to staff contingency-based positions, our new Sourcing Service:

  1. Searching Reeve & Associate's internal databases of more than 60,000 market research professionals and 50,000+ digital marketing professionals to locate candidate resumes that meet your specifications

  2. Reviewing our LinkedIn network of 10,844,300 professionals to locate profiles that meet your specifications

  3. Filtering resumes to deliver on-target candidates


Given the time to post jobs, search resume databases, and filter resumes, the typical client spends countless hours locating candidates for a job.

Using our Sourcing Service, All that is left for you to do is screen the candidates, sell them on your company, set up interviews, negotiate and fill your opening.

Sign up today and speak directly to the ideal candidates in the market for your opening.

Please review our other staffing services including: retained searches, contingency searches, and contractors.

Contact us to share your requirements, and we will locate the perfect professional for your needs.